Cleanest and most environmentally friendly way to recover Mercury from any substrate is by heat.

In MRT distillers Mercury is extracted in a totally closed process ensuring safest and cleanest result, with lowest level of emission and highest level of Mercury cleanliness.

Depending on substrate (size, moisture content, density etc) and volumes there are several options both with Batch Distillers (BPD) or Continuous Process Distillers (CPD). Batch distillers are suitable when you have either small volumes or a lot of different material requiring separate programs. If you have large volumes of material with high content of moisture and/or Mercury, our latest BPD 1000 could be a viable option.

Normally when having large volumes of the same material a Continuous Process Distiller will be most feasible as it can run nonstop.

Where MRT mercury distillers are used
Mining (Gold, Ore, others)
Oil & Gas (Sludges, Catalysts, piping, equipment, others)
Dental Waste (Amalgams)
Lamp Recycling (Fluorescent powder, end caps)
Battery Recycling (bottom cell batteries)

Customers like: GE, Panasonic, Osram, Veolia, Mining, Oil & Gas, Dental waste