• Product image of MRT Mercury Fine Distiller – MFD50

MRT Mercury Fine Distiller – MFD 50

The MRT Mercury Fine Distiller (MFD) is for users demanding the highest grade of Mercury from their distillation. The MFD 50 is designed for 24/7 operation and the last step after the BPD or RPD. The equipment can refine to near Virgin Mercury quality up to grade 99,9999 % of purity, which can be used in Industrial processes and scientific purposes.

The Fine Distillation process is carried out in three steps. First the Oxygen phase, where impurities are removed from the Mercury during a 3 to 14-day treatment. Then the Nitrogen phase to ensure all Oxygen is removed from the Mercury which lasts approximately for one week. And finally, the actual distilling in the MFD 50 is carried out.

The MRT Mercury Recovery concept chain makes it possible to avoid toxic Mercury from products in our daily life to end up in the general flow of waste. Each part of our concept creates conditions to protect the greater environment and our food sources from Mercury contamination. MRT is thus an important part of the value chain in creating life of quality or quality of life.

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