Fredrik is our new talent

September 8th 2020

This spring, MRT reached out for a new talent and presented quite a specific wish list. Most important of all though, was to find a team member with relevant skills and experience, eager to take part in reaching MRT’s goals for growth and development for the future.

Finally our choice fell on Fredrik Bard. Besides from that we think he is a swell guy, he has a genuine experience in project managing within the IT sector and also a background from industrial mechanics, that perfectly matched our search profile. Anyhow, it is not the MRT way to speak on behalf of our team members, we are convinced that they do that so much better for themselves. Therefore we let Fredrik present himself in his own words:

”Hello there, I’m the new Project Manager at MRT. I have a solid background in the IT sector and have been working with almost everything from operating IT systems to project management. My most recent position was IT Manager at Yaskawa Nordic.

I have an industrial mechanics education and a great interest in technology, both mechanically and digitally. Throughout the 90’s I was a full-time musician as a bassist in a band including long tours around in Scandinavia.

I’m quite thrilled over being back in the engineering industry and very excited about MRT’s unique solutions. So now, my next unique journey starts as Project Manager and a part of taking MRT to new levels together with Patrick and Klas.

I’m really looking forward to learn to know you all in the future”