Chandrasekhar is new Mechanical Engineer at MRT System

April 14th 2022

MRT System AB grows and welcomes one more new talent since beginning of April, Chandrasekhar “Nani” Gollapalli  to our team in Karlskrona.

Nani has been in contact with us at MRT two years ago through a project at BTH, Blekinge Tekniska Högskola so we are very happy that he again reached out to us while pursuing his master’s degree.

This is Nani:

“I am an international student pursuing master’s degree in the field of structural mechanics in Mechanical Engineering from BTH, Karlskrona.

It is a privilege to join the team at MRT System, this will give me an opportunity to use my technical skills and knowledge that I have learned over the years from university and implement them to the real world – MRT products and machinery.

I am looking forward to crafting my skills as a newly graduate engineer in the fields of technical design, product development and in management.”